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Our Easy 4 Step Process

1. Contact Us

To arrange a time for a consultation or comprehensive quote, contact us at:
(250) 813-2530 or email us

2. Estimate / Quote

One of our friendly estimators will come by to discuss your project and any individual needs you may have, prior to providing you with a full, detailed quote outlining all work discussed. We’re more than happy to break down and separate the quote into options, allowing for greater flexibility in your choice

If you're happy with the offer we can book you in right away and start scheduling the work. We collect a 30% deposit to cover start up materials and as a confirmation of your reservation. We schedule based on a first come first serve basis.

3. Production

In order to ensure quality of work and longevity, we pressure wash or hand wash all projects ahead of time. We'll contact you one week prior to your scheduled start date to arrange and confirm.

Once washed, our painting crew will arrive for your project within the week and will remain until the job is complete.

Upon completion, and after each day, we conduct a thorough cleaning so all that's left behind is a job well done.

4. Job Completion and Payment

Once the cleanup is finished, the job foreman will perform a final inspection with you to ensure you are completely satisfied before signing off on the agreement and collecting payment.

Our completed agreement acts as your receipt and warranty.

We accept cash, cheques, most major credit cards and e-transfers.