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Gutter cleaning

envision gutter cleaning

What to expect from Envision’s gutter cleaning professionals

Gutters serve a simple but essential function for your home. Since they are mostly out of sight, they tend to be out of mind in many cases.
Victoria has a very wet climate, and any lapses in gutter cleaning could lead to a number of problems. We help our clients keep them clean and in turn protect their homes from any potential water damage.

Potential risks of delaying a gutter cleaning

If your gutters are not properly maintained the list of problems that you could potentially be faced with include:

  • Stains and water damage to the exterior of your house
  • Leaky roof
  • Sagging, detached gutters
  • Leaking water in your basement
  • Damage to the foundation


When should I have my gutters cleaned

Envision recommends having your gutters cleaned a minimum of twice per year. This will address the leaves that fall in autumn before they become a problem and keep them clear of any leftover winter debris when the spring rains start.

However, if you have pine trees or a similar type of foliage in your yard, they may need to be cleaned more regularly. This is because these trees tend to shed more frequently and have a higher volume of debris than other types.

If you’re unsure, Envision is happy to advise you on what we recommend to properly maintain gutters in any given area of town.

Staying safe while on the job

Regardless of the size or shape of your house, cleaning gutters is an inherently high-risk chore. Here at Envision, nothing comes higher than our employee’s safety. As a result, we fastidiously stick to the approved WorkSafe BC standards and are always looking to improve upon them.
We believe hand cleaning gutters leads to the best possible results, while eliminating any potential damage from machines such as pressure washers. Every gutter cleaning job of ours receives a complimentary wipe down of the exteriors, to help your home look the best it possibly can.