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Interior Painting

Painting walls in room with ladder. 3d rendering

What to expect if you hire Envision for your interior paint job

Interior paint can dramatically change the look of any room in your home. It’s a great way to freshen up a space for a relatively low cost, and with Envision, you’ll not only get the look you’re after, you’ll also get durability you can count on.

For your home

A fresh coat of paint allows you to put a personal touch on a space and turn your home into a retreat. Work with Envision and we will help you bring your vision to life with expert advice and quality paint.

For your apartment or condo

Painting the interior of an apartment or condo can be a challenging process but with Envision all you’ll notice are the incredible results. Let us take the stress out of the equation and help you add some personality to your space.

Picking the right paint

Once you’ve made the decision to paint the interior of your home, condo or apartment, the next big task is right around the corner. Picking out the right paint can be daunting with the wide selection of finishes, textures and brands now available. There are also a number of important factors to consider, but rest assured, we are here to help. We take care to go over every detail with you to achieve a stunning result that is both beautiful and functional.

Things to consider

While colour tends to take front stage when paint chips are being considered, there are a few factors that often get overlooked. Envision will help you to carefully consider:

  • The purpose of the room
  • The amount of traffic that flows through it
  • The lighting
  • Feature walls

These are important factors in your paint selection and taking the time to understand how they will impact the overall look of your interior is an essential step. It will help ensure that once you’ve achieved your desired look, it stands up to wear and tear when you’re back to living in the space.

Prepping the space

The right preparation is the most critical phase of any interior paint job; we take care of all minor maintenance, be it caulking the joint between walls and baseboards, patching small holes in the drywall, or even sanding imperfections in the walls. We offer a wide range of options above and beyond the necessary prep to cater to all our customers needs.

“Envision Painting did an immaculate job on the interior of my house. The painters were professional and experienced, I especially appreciated the care and attention to detail they had. In addition, the owners and staff are friendly and accommodating. I have already recommended them to friends, and will continue to do so.”

– Scott Thompson

Results that speak for themselves

Our homes are a place where we can escape from the everyday bustle of life, as such, the interior of these spaces tends to play a significant role in our lives. This also means interior painting is often subject to the most criticism. Any interior painting must be held to the highest standard. Envision is prepared to deliver. We believe every interior deserves a high-end finish that leaves our customers satisfied. Many can attest to the fact that we take great pride in our work and it shows through in the final product.