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5 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Painting Company

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Painting your office or home by yourself can prove to be a challenging task. To get long-lasting and good finishing results, the job will need some level of professional expertise. You can consider painting a room a DIY project, or you may even think about hiring a small operator to conduct the painting work for you. But, if you decide on painting the exterior and interior of the property on your own or through these single or small operators, you may end up having unattractive and sketchy results. On the other hand, by enlisting a professional painting service or organisation provider to do the job, you can be sure they have the experience, expert painters, and right tools to provide seamless results. There is always a clear distinction in the finished product between a painting project done by a small operator, and a professional painting job done by top quality painters in Victoria BC.

Hiring an organisation over a small operator gives you added stability in the quality of the work, and runs less risks of any problems arising during the painting operation. For example, instead of employing personnel, most small painting operators enlist subcontractors since this strategy will lower their overall costs. Typically, subcontractors are paid a flat fee, with the operator not having to pay employee benefits and social security taxes. However, this action of hiring a small operator who, in turn, enlists subcontractors leaves all customers exposed to fraudulent work. Not only this, but this is a great way for small operators to dodge any type of responsibility if the painting work has not been up to scratch or if the customer has any issues or queries. To make more from the job, the operator can decide to find subcontractors charging the lowest fee, which inevitably translates to a lower quality of work. Given that the subcontractors in question are being paid a fixed fee, not hourly, they may cut corners for the job to be finished quicker. If the operator doesn’t have employees on the payroll and uses subcontractors instead, it’s likely that they are not covered under any workmen’s compensation insurance as well. Also, the contractor won’t know anybody, making it possible no background checks have been conducted, and there is no personal connection between employer, workmen and customer.

To prevent this happening, here are five good reasons for using a professional painting service provider for your interior or exterior painting in Victoria BC.

1. A Higher Quality Of Work

Professional painters from an organisation in Victoria are equipped with all the top-tier tools and best up to date techniques to perform the paintwork job with utmost perfection and precision. You can be sure they will use the best quality paint suited personally for your house or office, and will remain on your walls for years to come. A professional painting job makes sure that the finished job is conducted with clean lines, with no chips, debris, or messy flakes around the painted area. A skilfully done interior paint job that is looked after can last anywhere in the region of 10-12 years, with the average for exterior painting being between 5 and 7 years. Professional painters know that to get the best paint finish that will last this long, the surfaces being prepared beforehand is equally as important as the painting itself. 

2. Timely Completion

Enlisting painting professionals from an organisation will help save you a lot of time compared to a DIY paint project or enlisting a small operator to carry out the painting of your house. Your house will not be in disarray or messed up with materials for weeks on end, as it would with a small operator. A professional painting service provider in Victoria BC is sure to have a technical team on-site to finish the painting project within the timeframe provided. This will see you revert back to your normal work schedule as soon as you can, with the majority of clients able to carry on living their lives whilst the painters are mid job. It can consume a lot of time to prepare and move the furniture, buy supplies, remove wall décor, and conduct the actual painting job, but Envision Painting guarantees the completion of your project in a timely fashion that always meets or delivers before the time quoted to you. 

3. It Saves You Money

When performing a paint job through a small operator or on your own, you will inevitably end up exceeding the budget. On the other hand, professionals usually receive heavy trade discounts on all the tools and paints needed for the job. This will see them be in a more capable position of providing you with a cost-effective painting service. An organisation guarantees to deliver quality services while remaining within your budget. Enlisting a professional painting service provider may initially appear like a lot, but it’s definitely cheaper in the long run. 

4. No Clean-up Required

After completion of the painting work, a lot of cleanup will be needed. With a professional service provider, you will be saving yourself the trouble of having to clean-up since they are aware of proper ways of disposing of paint materials, and care for the state of your home. With professionals, the stress of cleaning up after completion of the job is taken away. This will see you return to your new painted and clean house immediately. 

5. Professional Experience

Another reason for hiring a professional painting company is that they are specialists at painting, ensuring you receive the best quality work and customer experience. Their team consists of experts in prepping and painting, with their skill levels being far beyond that of an amateur small operator painter. They know the right manner of taping edges, and the rollers and paint brushes to use to paint straight lines. Their skilful painting work eliminates the need to perform a repainting job sooner than necessary.

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