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8 New Interior Painting Colour Trends 2022

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The pandemic and lockdown have restricted us to our home, and a lot of monotony has crept in! Adding wall paint colours and new Interior painting styles is a way to delight the mood, keep out the moisture, repel dust allergens, add beautiful aesthetics, and relax yourself and your family!

The interior colour designs and wall paint colour trends keep changing with time, and with New year’s, it’s time to fill your colours with new exciting and exuberant colours for the year ahead!

It’s time to reset your mood to vibrant colours with a trendy living room colour palette, comfortable bedroom design, and warm coloured halls!!

In the below paragraphs, we’ve given some wonderful and best colour palettes, interior painting and interior design trends 2022 that suit your living and style.

Top interior painting and interior design trends 2022

  1. Bottle Green Spaces- With the uncertainty of pandemics not coming to an end, we’ve restricted ourselves more and more to our houses!!As per a survey by the Labour department of the U.S, people have started spending more time indoors than outdoors! It further stated that one out of 7 people used to work from home earlier in 2019, which has increased to one out of 3 people working from home in 2020. With significant companies still working from home even till 2022, it’s time to revamp the whole house by changing the interior colour design and interior paintings with refreshing colours. You can take up and supervise the home paint project yourself and make sure you revamp and refurbish your home to make it look the finest! Splash and have beautiful green spaces with a few oxygen-giving plants nicely decorated in the halls, kitchen spaces and balconies! Bottle green and Olive wall paint colour look a perfect match when matched with oxygen-giving plants like rubber trees and snake plants! You can also go for gentle olive furniture, cabinetry, shelving, decorative items that would match impeccably with the olive or bottle green coloured walls!
  2. Satin Rolling Surf- You can go for Satin Rolling Surf as a wall paint colour which is a shade of blue and gives a perfect and relaxed vibe!! Satin Rolling surf has been chosen as the colour of the year 2022 by Krylon, a spray paint company!! The colour is a darker shade of blue and will add a lot of stability and bold effect!
  3. Serene Shades- If you find satin rolling surf a dark colour and you’re looking to have calmer and serene shades, you can go for soothing blue, which evokes a lot more tranquillity to the space!!! You can go for shades of soothing blue-coloured furniture, which will add a lot of luxury and charisma to your space!! Brighten up your year and bring optimism in your year by having soothing blue around you!
  4. October Mist- You can go for October mist colour, also known as sage green looks ultra-luxurious adds a lot of calm vibes. October mist will add up spice and can easily mix with other colours for a vibrant look! Sage green walls will look extremely beautiful with white colour and add more liveliness to your house!
  5. Babouche- You can use Babouche, a bright yellow colour that suggests returning to normality!! Babouche gets its name from leather slippers worn by men in morocco! It is a distinctive colour but not that sunny. The colour will bring a lot of brightness and brings a lot of dignity to home paint! It brings creativity, optimism, feelings of spring and enhances productivity at work. You can easily pair up babouche with dark solid colours like mustard, black and wood colours
  6. Incarnadine- If you’re looking to go for something more rich, warm and something which stands out, you can you for Incarnadine! Incarnadine has shades of deep glossy red that would make your whole room charming and valour! You can easily match Incarnadine with other colours, and it will make the halls and other shared spaces look sumptuous, classy and fulfilling. You can match different colours like brown woodwork, off-white and white!!
  7. Stone Blue-The timeless stone blue is one of the most vintage and rich colours that simply escalates the beauty of the entire home! Stone blue provides a cool vibe that will ease out the pandemic blues and let you breathe new life into the house!

The colour has a warmer shade than the original blue and has been named after the indigo pigment colour imported in the lumps in the 18th century! Stone blue matches well with other warm colours like red, yellow and oranges!

As it goes with other warm colours, you can decorate your bedroom, hall and other spaces in a pretty exciting way. You can have tones of red and yellow in your furniture, and it would look enigmatic!

Breathe new life into your life by choosing the interior painting colours. Home paint remains one the most important event when your home is concerned! Try to bring in the radiance by introducing some bright colours!

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