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Why You Should Consider Cabinet Refinishing Service

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Tristan Hulscher


There is no doubt that kitchen cabinets can last a lifetime, depending on the level of care and maintenance they receive. So, if your home is old, then chances are the cabinets are approaching their life end. If your cabinets are either outdated or worn out, do not demolish them and throw them just yet. Instead, consider a cabinet refinishing service.

A refinishing service may be all that is needed to bring back new life and beauty to your already existing cabinets. You will not only be amazed by the outcome, but at how simple it is to update a kitchen cabinet without tearing the whole structure down to do a complete remodelling. By simply installing new doors, repainting, and adding new features, you can achieve a fresh look at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen cabinet.

The Benefits Of Cabinet Refinishing Services

So, what are the benefits of a refinishing service? Below are some of the benefits which clearly highlights the service to be a great alternative to replacing cabinets. They include:

Low Cost

Clearly, replacing cabinets is going to be an expensive project, because it involves a lot of construction work. Remember, to replace cabinets, first, the old ones must be removed, and this process involves tearing them out of the wall and later having to repair the wall so that it can accommodate new ones. Lets not forget that new cabinets must be constructed, and this demands the services of a skilled professional.

It is wise to consider a complete cabinet replacement only when your goal is to remodel the kitchen. However, if you are not remodelling your kitchen, then you should not go for cabinet replacement because you are going to spend a lot of money that is not necessary to spend. On the other hand, when it comes to refinishing, no major work will be done, and the mainboard or box will remain in place. This technique cuts down the costs on additional work found in cabinet replacing and the need for a skilled professional in remodelling. Furthermore, there is no worry about compromising the structure.

The Outcome Will Be As Good As New

You will get the same visual appeal as a brand new cabinet because refinishing restores the exterior part only. A refinishing project generally involves drawer fronts, doors, its surface, and even installing new hardware like handles, and hinges. A refinishing project will take care of outdated or broken knobs, creaking hinges, old finishes, and so on.

Works On Almost All Cabinets

The best thing is that nearly all cabinets can benefit from a refinishing service. Keep in mind that for a refinishing service to work, the main box must be intact. If by any chance it is hanging, then it must be attached to the wall. The good news is that for a majority of homes, the main box is not the issue. Cabinets with weak or hanging bottoms can also be refinished because it is a part that is very easy to fix compared to the main box.

There are many benefits as outlined to getting a kitchen cabinet refinish, but how does it work?

Step 1: - Cleaning All Cabinet Surfaces

When it comes to a refinishing project, a clean cabinet surface makes the work easy, efficient, and an active attractive outcome. The cleaning process involves removing the cabinet carefully from the wall and then scrubbing each thoroughly. It is highly important to give the wood enough time to dry completely.

To avoid confusion, miss-match, or installing each cabinet in the wrong place, it is wise to number or label them. Ensure the marks are visible even after sanding or painting. Remember, hinge holes must match as well, to make it easy to determine which door goes where.

Step 2: - Protection

Protection comes in two different stages or forms - The first is self-protection (wearing protective gear) and the second is the environment (protecting the kitchen). Wearing protective clothing is straight forward. When it comes to protecting the kitchen, consider spreading old newspapers (or something similar) over the floor and appliances.

Step 3: - Soaking The Hardware

Aside from the cabinet, its hardware/accessories are likely to need cleaning as well. To clean these accessories, consider soaking them in soapy water for about 30 minutes, and then scrub them gently with a soft brush and then rinse very well. The moment they are clean, dry them well before applying polish. Allow the pieces to dry again after applying polish.

Step 4: - Stripping And Refinishing

After cleaning, stripping, and polishing, the next step is the actual refinishing. It is important to note that refinishing is not as easy as you think; it is actually a tricky affair. You should start by ensuring you have a substantial working area and most preferably, outside.

Also, you cannot use just any stripping agent; first, you have to determine or figure out the type of finish present in the wood. For example, if the cabinets have a waxy finish you should use a few drops of turpentine. There are many kinds of finishes that may be used such as wood-like water-based finish, penetration oil, varnish, polyurethane, vinyl, paint, lacquer, and shellac finish, which all of them need different stripping agents.

Step 5: - Sanding, Priming, And Painting

The moment you have completed stripping the cabinets, the next step is to use wood fillers to repair the wood from scratches and holes. Then let the filler dry before sanding, which is why it is wise to do this job outside if possible. You should sand everything to allow the wood to match both in texture and finish.

The next step is simply a painting job, where the wood must be primed. Layers can be added if necessary, or if the weather has exposed unfinished wood. Let the paint dry very thoroughly, before installing. Remember, the installation process needs care. This is a lot of work to be done and therefore, you will need to allow a professional painting company to help.

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