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Why You Should Get A Quote Instead Of An Estimate

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When searching for information regarding painting costs in Victoria B.C., there is a major difference between getting a quote or an estimate. The two are so different that customers need to be aware of the benefits and limitations of each one before hiring a painter. Does the difference between getting a quote or an estimate affect your decision process?

Knowing the difference between a quote and an estimate can help you save money and time. This article aims to show you the benefits of getting a quote instead of an estimate when looking to hire painters in Victoria, B.C.

What Is An Estimate?

An estimate is the same as approximation or an assessment. As such, when you ask a professional to provide an estimate, that is simply what they will do – guess a figure based on the amount of work to be done. Even with top quality painters on the job, there may still be issues with the reliability of this verbal agreement after the work has been completed.

In other words, an estimate is simply a rough approximation of a project’s variables to project cost, time, and work to be done. In most cases, a project professional or expert will give you an estimate before all project details are known. The estimate you will receive will mainly focus on the cost and project size. The estimation cost changes dramatically with the scale of a project or complexity, meaning that the price for your interior or exterior painting could change dramatically once the work has already started. Unfortunately if this happens to you, there isn’t much that can do about it.

It is also important to note that an estimate does not take into account unexpected complications and the quantity of the materials needed. The uncertainty is often not worth the risk.

A project estimate can be given either verbally or in written form. An estimate is not a legally binding contract, therefore it does not matter the form it is delivered in. A lack of legal contract allows tradesmen to adjust the price as they see fit.

What Is A Quote?

A quote, on the other hand, is a specific fixed amount that customers are expected to pay for any painting work they may done. This is an established price that is submitted by the painting company, and once agreed upon by both parties, permission will be granted to start the painting project.

A quote is a fixed amount and cannot be changed once both parties have reached an agreement and the project has commenced. The nominal amount may be changed solely if the type of work originally agreed upon changes, or additional work is deemed necessary and is recognized by the client. This guarantees that there will be no surprises when it comes to paying the final bill once the job is completed.



  • Price given is the final cost
  • Agreed Price is legally binding
  • Contractor can’t change the price during or after completion of work
  • Clear breakdown of expenses
  • Considers complications, materials and delays.


  • Price given is a rough guide
  • Agreed Price is not legally binding
  • Contractor can change the price during or after completion of work
  • No breakdown of where your money is going
  • Does not take into account complications, materials or delays.

A true professional will give a quote and not an estimate, and most top quality painters in Victoria B.C. should do this. With a quote, you will have all the important details about the project and a final price for the project. In other words, you will know the cost of all materials needed and the scope of the project.

A quote will not be given until a professional is on-site and has conducted all the necessary investigations, measurements, and calculations. The quote you receive will be a clear representation of the entire project. When it comes to a painting project, you will find out that there is much more than just knowing how to use a roller or paintbrush. A professional will be able to confidently explain all aspects of the project and justify the price quoted. It is in the best interest of the painting company to deliver exceptional customer service in order to build a notable and trustworthy business.

When you book an appointment with Envision Painting for a free quote, our team of trained professionals will come and inspect your property. We will listen to your concerns and answer any question you may have. We will use our professional opinion to recommend the type of painting job that is required. All quotes we present are fair and legally binding and come with a 3 year guarantee. Quotes will include everything from material, time requirements, and labour. There are never any hidden charges; everything is completely out in the open. Furthermore, our professionals will demonstrate how they arrived at the final price.

Therefore, when faced with the decision of getting either an estimation or a quote, it is in your best interest to opt for a quote and to research the best team for your painting needs.

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