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Welcome to One-Day Painting at Envision Painting

One-Day Painting is a quick and effective expert service painting solution for home improvement. The critical promise is in the name itself— the commitment to completing an entire paint job for your space in just one day. One-Day Painting emphasizes customer satisfaction through open communication, tailored services, and a transparent process. Additionally, the service offers a convenient and customer-centric approach to home painting projects.

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Step into a new era of home transformation with our groundbreaking service. At Envision Painting, we've reimagined the painting experience, offering a swift, hassle-free way to bring your dream home to life. Our innovative One-Day Painting service combines efficiency and excellence, delivering quality results with unprecedented speed.

Say goodbye to the usual disruptions and inconveniences associated with home improvement projects. We understand your home is your sanctuary, and waiting weeks for a transformation can be impractical. Our meticulously designed service gives your home the attention it deserves without disrupting your daily life.

This isn't just about putting on a new layer of paint; it's a transformative experience that respects your time, completing the process in just one day. Imagine waking up to a home that has undergone a stunning metamorphosis overnight—walls, colours, and ambiance reflecting your style and preferences.

At Envision Painting Ltd. - Painters Victoria BC, we believe in making home improvement accessible and stress-free. Your time is valuable, and we aim to make the process enjoyable. Join us on this journey as we redefine home transformation—swiftly, beautifully, and without disruptions.

Welcome to the future of home painting; welcome to One-Day Painting at Envision Painting Ltd.!

Types of One-Day Paintings We Offer

"One-Day Painting" typically refers to a quick and efficient method of completing a painting project within a day. Several types of One-Day Painting services exist, each catering to specific needs and preferences:

Express Refresh

This type focuses on revitalizing a room with a fresh coat of paint. It's ideal for those seeking a quick transformation without significant colour changes. The process involves thorough surface preparation, minimal repairs, and the application of a new paint colour to rejuvenate the space.

Accent Wall Creation

Perfect for adding a pop of colour or texture, this type creates an accent wall to enhance a room's aesthetics. Professional painters carefully choose the wall, prepare the surface, and skillfully apply the selected colour or pattern to make it a focal point.

Small Space Makeover

Targeting compact areas like bathrooms or closets, this service efficiently upgrades these spaces with a new colour scheme or design. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure a seamless finish in confined areas, transforming them within a day.

Exterior Touch-Ups

Focused on enhancing curb appeal, this service tackles small exterior painting projects such as front doors, shutters, or trim. Weather-resistant paints are applied to protect surfaces while providing a quick exterior facelift.

Furniture Restoration

One-Day Painting can extend to furniture, breathing new life into tired or outdated pieces. Skilled painters prep, prime, and apply a fresh coat of paint to transform furniture, aligning it with the client's desired aesthetic.

Commercial Rapid Refresh

Designed for businesses, this service swiftly revitalizes office spaces or storefronts. Minimal disruption to business operations is ensured as professional painters efficiently execute the project in a single day.

Customized Express Service

Tailored to individual preferences, this type allows clients to choose specific areas or elements for a quick makeover. Whether it's a staircase, a hallway, or a unique feature wall, the service adapts to the client's vision.

What sets One-Day Painting apart?

One-Day Painting is your premier choice for swift and efficient home improvement. True to our name, we guarantee a fresh coat of paint for your space in one day, minimizing disruption to your routine. Our experienced one-day painters ensure top-notch quality with a keen eye for detail, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your living space.

What sets us apart is our dedication to customer satisfaction. We prioritize open communication, tailoring our services to your preferences, from colour selection to finishing touches. Our transparent process ensures a stress-free experience, and we take pride in using eco-friendly practices with high-quality, low-VOC paints for a responsible approach to sustainability.

One-Day Painting transforms not just your walls but your overall experience. With efficiency, expertise, and exceptional customer service, we provide a hassle-free, high-quality printing solution. Choose One-Day Painting with Envision Painting Ltd. for a swift, stunning, and satisfying home renovation that stands the test of time.

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"Robin with Shack Shine here. We referred Envision Painting to do some interior painting for a valued customer of ours. They were prompt, fair, and knowledgeable on top of producing a quality job. Thanks guys."

Robin Wenger

"Tristan does quality work and stands behind the projects he takes on. Lots of people can give you a good paint job, but Tristan will ensure you have a good experience and that's noteworthy."

Alexander Rabu

"5 STARS! Envision Painting is absolutely the go-to for painting on Vancouver Island! Tristan, Craig, Heidi, and crew are beyond knowledgeable; their services are as expert as it gets. Fantastic value for money, up-to-date knowledge, and state-of-the-art painting equipment!"

Andy Wild

"Amazing team of professionals! We met Tristan at a home show years ago, and we were impressed by his sincere and honest approach; no pressure. So when we needed our house painted, we contracted Envision to do the job. Everything was simple and seamless; from getting an estimate and signing the contract online to working with the project manager, Nathan, to get our job scheduled. Brad and his team of painters were very diligent and hardworking; they take pride in their work, and it shows! Very clean and respectful. They did a truly awesome job; our house is completely transformed because of the excellent work they did! Even our neighbors are in awe of the job they did and the attention to detail. We would definitely recommend them!"

D Birk

"A very attentive company, both in communication and in execution. Extremely happy with the painting of our fence; the painters were fast and accurate, as well as pleasant to be around. Would definitely recommend them and will definitely use them again!"

Claudia de Veaux

"The painters were on time, courteous, and professional. Over the years, I have hired numerous tradespeople to do work in my homes, but none were as good as the men and women who painted the interior of my house. Their work was excellent."

Rita Fortier

"It was such a pleasure to have our house painted by Envision Painting. Dealing with everyone from the managers, to the office personnel and especially the painters, we have only good things to say about this company. I would recommend them to anyone, and have."

Barbara Dillon

"Our experience with Craig, Tristan, and the team at Envision Painting has been nothing but excellent. We have had them three times, and each time the workers were really the gold standard. Also, they were reliable, neat, and had great workmanship. Would recommend them without a doubt. Keep up the honest and good workmanship."

Kyle Rooney

"These guys do great work. Quality service that I would highly recommend."

Chris Stavast

"We were very happy with the interior painting Envision did on our home. They completed the job quickly and we would happily recommend them to anyone."

Ross Ramage

Our Promise

When it comes to quality, Envision has you covered. Proper preparation and quality products are the two main factors in determining a paint job’s longevity. Our victoria house painters take care to complete a pressure wash and a thorough scrape, sand and prime to ensure our premium products are applied to a firm base layer.

We caulk any cracks, patch holes and handle any other minor maintenance needed to get your home ready for painting. Two full coats of quality paint guarantee appropriate protection to the wide range of weather conditions. We provide a complete and durable job in the Greater Victoria area.

Our Warranty

Service FAQ

We have a 3-year warranty on most surfaces. Our warranty covers all labour and materials necessary to fix any possible problems that may arise. We also provide full worker’s compensation coverage, and 3 million liability insurance. We use industry leading paints, stains, primers and other products to establish maximum durability. We’re partnered with all main paint stores in the Victoria area: Dulux, Sherwin Williams, and Cloverdale. We will ensure the best possible products are used for each client’s specific needs. Our preparation standards are second to none. You can only expect the best longevity of your painting project when you hire Envision Painting. *Warranty excludes: all walked on surfaces, exposed metal, customer supplied paint, moisture damage, cracks in drywall, rotten surfaces, fences and railings. Any work we weren’t paid in full, any work other contractors were involved in, unforeseeable problems resulting from previous paint failures, factory finish areas, wooden gutters and roofs.

Our office manager will communicate with you regularly as the project approaches. Our production manager, assistant production manager and foreman on site will stay in communication throughout the project.

If you are undecided about your colour selection our estimator may leave a sample booklet for you to look through. We often recommend our clients use a complimentary resource of our home paint store, the Dulux Paints located at 1581 Hillside Ave. If you bring in pictures of your project this may help. Alternatively, we would be happy to recommend colour consultants or discuss how to get a digital image with the colour changes.

If we are painting inside or there is a locked area it is important for the client to be available at the start of the project. Alternative arrangements can always be made in advance to hand off keys if needed. We do need to have access if we are painting exterior doors. Besides these consideration there is no requirements for clients to be available if they have made decisions on colours and finishes in advance, though we enjoy working with our clients present.

Please call our office at 250 813 2530 between 8:30 and 4:30 Mon to Friday. We will work to find a way to accommodate your schedule.

It is important to meet with our clients so we are each able to ask and answer questions that will allow us to provide a detailed and comprehensive proposal. The time it will take depends on the difficulty and size of the project being quoted, a typical quote will take between 1-2 hours, with your time needed for a walk through at the start and a presentation at the end.

Yes, we carry comprehensive liability insurance as well as the necessary WCB coverage. We have an A+ rating with the BBB.

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