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Cabinet refinishing


Refinishing your cabinets

In most cases, cabinets serve as the backdrop for the most lived in spaces of a home. Kitchens, for example, are where family and friends gather multiple times throughout the day to socialise. So, for many people, cabinets are an important feature and one that they spend time and effort maintaining.

But because cabinets, especially doors and drawers, are subject to the heaviest wear and tear, without the right paint sometimes no amount of cleaning will help. If your cabinets and drawers are starting to look worn with maybe a few chips in the corners, while replacing them is an option, for a fraction of the price, our specialized crews at Envision can repaint or refinish your cabinets to their former brilliance. We have a tried and tested system that will leave you wondering if they are in fact the same cabinets you had before.

Envision Cabinet Services

To ensure the job you choose not only looks great, but fits your budget, we thoroughly inspect the current paint and offer a variety of services including:

  • Touch ups (option for only the visible parts or the interiors as well)
  • Sanding down to bare wood and applying a stained finish
  • Spray finish (this is the highest price but offers a seamless, lasting result)
  • Cut and roll finish

Our promise

We only use top of the line primer and paint that we have put through rigorous testing. When allowed the proper time to cure, it provides a very durable finish that will hold up to the daily wear and tear, and withstand any scratching, scuffing and scraping.